Code-In Experience

Recently, I have had the opportunity to participate in Google Code-In, an open-source coding experience for teenagers. Through one of their organizations, FOSSASIA, I had the chance to interview one of the other GCI participants and ask about her experiences so far.

.   .   .

Where are you from?

Anushka: Forsyth County, Georgia which is about an hour or so outside of Atlanta.

What school do you go to?

Anushka: I am a junior at Lambert High School.

How did you find out about the contest?

Anushka: I was told about the contest through my AP Computer Science teacher.

Why are you participating?

Anushka: I enjoy coding and seemed like this would be something that might interest me. I also found out that because of my age, I would not be able to participate next year  so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity while I still could.

How did you get into CS?

Anushka: I ended up taking the introductory computing course (instead of engineering) in school and realized that I liked it, so I continued the pathway.

How many tasks have you completed so far? What organizations did you complete them for?

Anushka: I have only finished two tasks for FOSSASIA.

What have you learned over the course of those tasks?

Anushka: I have to learned how to use GitHub, I don’t understand all the functions and features it has. It’s challenging, but it’ll definitely be worth it when I can use it proficiently.

What’s your motivation to do more tasks?

Anushka: The rewards were the first thing my teacher mentioned, so I decided to participate. Also, I feel like I accomplish something each time I do something right. It helps that the mentors are very supportive.

Which organization put up your favorite task?

Anushka: My favorite task was probably a blog task that I finished for FOSSASIA not too long ago.

Are the tasks similar in difficulty to what you expected them to be? Why?

Anushka: Yes, my teacher mentioned that the tasks were made for all levels, from beginners to experts, and that’s what I found when I was trying to find one that suited me.

What type of task is the most time consuming?

Anushka: The tasks that require a lot of coding take me a bit longer than those that don’t. Also, the tasks that have anything dealing with GitHub are pretty time-consuming for me since I have to take some time to figure all of that out.

Would you participate in the Code-In again?

Anushka: As I mentioned earlier my age will not allow for me to participate next year, although I would have loved to. It was a really fun chance to practice my coding skills.

.   .   .

Here is  a similar interview of me conducted by Anushka! Also, check out the work done by FOSSASIA, links provided below!


FOSSASIA Google Code-In Website:

FOSSASIA Blog Website:


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